Innovation and Experimentation

21st Sept notes:


Innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage.” (Government of New Zealand).


I searched for a good contemporary example of innovation. My favourite example is Elon Musk’s current project ‘Nueralink’. the Nueralink not only tackles problems and issues that us as humans deal with in individual ways but also is done in a swift and efficient way through physical surgery and is reversible surgery as well. A reversible, problem solving, efficient and overall life changing technology.

The videos I watched to further understand this, which is shown through a screenshot below, does well to explain the extent of which this new technology can go to because of the extreme works of innovation by Elon Musk and shows how experimentation really can influence the innovative side of a project, Nueralink is such a good example of innovation as its in its final stages of production and is quite extreme compared to basic technologies so highlights the innovative aspects a lot more.

Another example of innovative ideas is shown through the company ‘Just Eat’, as shown below:

This company have literally changed the game when it comes to takeaway service. Five years ago takeaways would only be available form big companies such as dominos or Pizza Hut etc. However, Just Eat managed to innovate a new way of takeaway service, by having most Restaurants that comply to the service in one app and designated delivery drivers to pick up food from the restaurants and deliver the food in a quicker time to usual. It was no surprise that Just Eat took off and made massive profits almost straight away. This is an example of a basic innovative idea leading to mass profit and successfulness.


The action or process of trying out new ideas, methods, or activities.


One example of experimentation that I found was in the VR gaming industry.

The aspect of this industry that caught my eye the most, relating to experimentation, was the concept of body tracking suits. The concept of these is to put on these suits and feel more immersed in the simulated games. Also, some of the concepts of these suits include physical feels related to the game that the player would physically feel using pressures in the suits, built in, to add that extra level of the immersive experience. this is something that is still in concept and experimentation. exploring different ways of making VR gaming more immersive, other ways they have explored this is through directional treadmills, online VR communities and many other concepts. VR gaming is a great industry to look at presently as a clear example of experimentation and even innovating as well.

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