Dieter Rams Principles of good design

Ram’s principles of good design include:

1. Good design is innovative

2. Good design makes a product useful

3. Good design is aesthetic

4. Good design makes a product understandable

5. Good design is unobtrusive

6. Good design is honest

7. Good design is long-lasting

8. Good design is thorough down to the last detail

9. Good design is environmentally friendly

10. Good design is as little design as possible

An object that fits the principles:

This Home Fragrance diffuser is innovative design – new idea only last few years has it blown up and gained recognition. This design is useful for the product, the sticks stay stood up in the container due t the the lid and space of the container to allow the sticks to spread an become more effective. this design is very aesthetic, made to look lie an ornament so is aesthetically pleasing. for that reason too this product is unobtrusive, blends in and simple. this product is understandable, the sticks and container with liquid automatically associates with what the purpose of this product is. this is honest design, does exactly what it tells you from the aesthetics. this is long lasting, constantly giving out fragrance and lasts for months if not years. each detail of this design is well thought out and so fit the thoroughness to the east detail. this design is not environmentally friendly although can be recycled. this design is very basic and plain and has as little design as possible for the product to do what it needs.

Product that doesn’t fit all principles:

This battery is innovative because its rechargeable and saves a lot of production and material when it comes to the production of batteries and is starting to take over the battery industry, however, the design of this product doesn’t make the product itself useful. this design istne very aesthetically pleasing and can be quite hard to understand what the purposes of it may be just by looking at it. the design is very attention drawing and doesn’t blend into its environments so is obtrusive. the design is honest and long lasting due to the recharbility. the design isn’t very thorough and not very environmentally friendly. this design does not fit the principle of as little design as possible.

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