Corridor Digital – researching into VFX

Corridor Digital Logo – Google Images.

Corridor digital is an American Production studio based in L.A. The have produced and directed the battlefield inspired web series ‘Rush’ and also the Youtube series ‘Lifeline’.

(Youtube video created by Corridor digital’s YouTube channel ‘Corridor Crew’).

They are most well-known for their Youtube shows, most popular one they do is VFX artists react, where a few of the main VFX artists of the company sit down to watch film VFX and react and analyse the scenes, sometimes even taking them and adding their own VFX to show the basics of the process of VFX they go through and to improve already VFX (Pictured above and below).

A screen capture from the start of a video produced by Corridor Digital.

I was already aware of this company from their YouTube videos and find them very interesting and entertaining when it comes to showing the work they do. Watching these ‘VFX artists react’ videos and seeing how they analyse, explain their reasoning behind their criticisms of VFX and also how they show the process they go through to improve or create their own visual effects. I think this would be useful for me when it comes to possibly devising and including VFX in my own future video projects or just as a general inspiration, watching and taking in their creativity can easily influence different aspects and give me an advantage to different perspectives when it comes to devising my own work.

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