Researching into Photographer – Calendar photos.

Once my locations were established, it was time to consider how I wanted to take my images. To establish this, I thought the best way to do so was to research and look into how other photographers would encapture images of similar things.

The one photographer who’s style of photography that really stood out to me and is my chosen practitioner who really inspired me was

‘Philip slotte’

A young Swedish photographer who focuses on landscape and travel photography.

I had heard about Slotte before, however, I decided to look at his website to get more of an idea to how he stylises his images.

(Website: )

A few images that stood out to me straight away from just viewing his main homepage is shown below:

The first thing that really stood out to me, was the focus that Slotte really manages to create on certain objects/landmarks and how these landmarks also make the image look as if it would be deserted or isolated without the landmarks there. This is something that I think would be good to emphasise with Worcester through my photos, making landmarks look as if they are a proud and big part of what Worcester is.

(i.e. making the Cathedral and spire look as if they would make the sky empty if they disappeared from the image, making them seem more enticing and intriguing to the viewer)

The next thing I noticed was the increased saturation on the individual colours and texturing of textures in these images to really emphasise the foreground to the background. This increased saturation and texturing is something that I want to use when framing the cathedral and focusing on the Worcester bridge.

The second photographer that also stood out to me was

‘Natassa Triantafillou’

A photographer from Greece who focuses on emphasising Mother Nature within her images.

I found this photographer online and had a scroll through her images on ‘500px’ to see if I could gain any inspiration for my photos, as shown below:

( )

The focus that Triantafillou uses on Mother Nature really inspired me to emphasise the scenery and nature that Worcester holds, by using higher contrast and saturation on greener/autumn colours, I think I should be able to emphasise this within my final images. the style of having a focal point of an object (i.e top left ship photo) but also having a balanced focal point on the nature around it is something that I found very aesthetic about Triantafillou’s images and is something id want to apply to my work.

one way I could apply that to my work Is by enhancing the scenery around the river and the river itself but also having the focal points of Worcester bridge and the Cathedral as well.

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