Calender Test Shots.

This is a gallery of my test shots taken on

20th October 2020:

Worcester Bridge:

I wanted to encapture Worcester bridge as it brings a sense of unity of Worcester, the bridge being something that connects two things together and being an old and well established part of Worcester. This wide-angle shot of the bridge really presents the different aspects of Worcester, it shows the beautiful scenery and river, the size of Worcester (being connected by the bridge) and right in the background this frame kind of teases the landmarks that Worcester is known for (Cathedral and Church spire).

I had seen and taken the opportunity to frame the bridge in a wide angle shot from the side of the river, however, as I walked across the bridge, I noticed an opportunity for framing using the bridge itself. using the pillars holding up the bridge wall, I found that I was able to encapture the scenery of Worcester and capturing the famous Worcester cathedral in the centre of the frame, using the focus of texturing in the foreground fo this image which was inspired by my research into photographer Natassa Triantafillou and how she uses texturing and natural scenery to emphasise what she wants in her images, In this case, i’ll want to use the texturing of the pillars in the foreground to represent Worcester’s history and variation of scenery and aesthetics.

River Severn (cathedral view):

I really liked what this picture captured about the scenery and the peaceful but majestic atmosphere of Worcester, however, on second review, I have since retaken the final shot of this which is much more improved, ensuring that I didn’t cut off the church spire, in doing this this frame became more level and more effective in showing these landmarks and highlighting the atmosphere and aesthetics of scenery that Worcester holds.

Park Monument:

With not much room between me and these spires, it didn’t allow for me to capture the whole landmark in frame, I tried multiple angles and even when I crossed the road I was unable to capture it in its completion, I found this quite dissatisfying as I felt it doesn’t represent the things that I want to about Worcester in my images, I was unable to frame a true representation of this landmark and for that reason I most probably will choose to not use this as one of my final images.

An active road with Cathedral in background:

This road, leading into the centre of Worcester, looked like a good representation of Worcester’s variation in city aesthetics and historic aesthetics, with the city road through the middle and modern buildings on the left and old buildings on the right. There is also a ambulance with its siren on in centre frame which I think was a good catch to present Worcesters attention to community and well being. this photo was taken on the day of the week that had the best weather but still looks quite bleak and dull, if I am able to change this in editing stages then I think it’ll be a good image to use for representation of Worcesters aesthetics.

Street with old aesthetics:

I found that this street really highlighted Worcester’s historic elements. I decided to take it from two different angles, the first picture (above) shows the mix of older and newer buildings, representing that Worcester is a diverse place, the second picture shows the old styled buildings, representing that Worcester is proud of its heritage, shown through the fact that they have these old buildings still up and even in use and a big use in the community of Worcester.

High street statue:

I really wanted to encapture Worcester’s busy high street but also had to include a consumable so decided to find two in one shot. These shots present the heart of Worcester’s high street, displaying the statue, which is another representation of Worcesters proud heritage, and the restaurants either side presented by their signs which shows a diverse range of place to eat and explore. the photo on the left is my favourite out of the two, as it is a closer shot of the high street which highlights the business more, but also the two people at the bottom left appearing to walk into the high street I think really please the audience in their position, making the audience feel invited and welcomed by the entrance to this high street, with the high street also curving round into the unseeable it could also be argued that this entices the audience in a sense of enigma to want to explore what else Worcester’s high street has to offer. I’m hoping to be able to lighten up these photos slightly and enhance the colours of the signs and buildings to make them more prominent and noticeable.

High street road:

I really felt that this frame of Worcester’s central main road was a really good representation of people and community, the many different things that the audiences eyes have to explore here, such as the people walking either side of the road, cars parked up representing business and popularity, the long stretch road representing that theres a lot of shops and established places even beyond this image, the bus in the background showing easy travel access, the building aesthetics, showing that proud historic element but with modern shops and facilities. When it comes to edit this photo, I aim to enhance the colours to bring the image our more for the audiences eyes to explore the diverse representations displayed through this photo.

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