Planning for my calendar photos.

The first thing that I did was to consider the locations that I thought were suitable for this project.

I decided to decide this by drawing out a mind map of different categories that I wanted to aim to establish within my images which is shown below:

I initially began to write out the four different categories and then expand the ideas of locations linking off of the categories. After brainstorming all of my ideas for locations in each category, I went through and circled all of the locations that I thought would be the most effective use for my photos. As shown above, I decided not to do sports as a category, but instead emphasise the other categories more as I felt as if the three other categories encaptured Worcester in the most effective way.

Target audience:

One thing I need to establish before deciding how to stylise my images is who I want to engage with through my imagery. I have decide that my target audience for this project is going to be middle-aged and elderly people as this demographic seems to be the most appropriate and most likely to buy and use this calendar and want to add Worcester onto their list of places to visit. a younger demographic wouldn’t necessarily be interested in physical calendars or even want to/have the time to visit Worcester in their own time due to being in full time education and living a more digitally conversed life than those of upper age demographics.

Once these locations were picked and I had picked my target audience, I then could start to think about the positioning and how I want to style/present these locations in image form to display Worcester as an enticing place to be.

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