Calendar photos – Manipulating final images.

1. High Street: ‘People

With this image I didn’t feel like it needed much enhancement, however, I wanted to emphasise the focus of the image on the aesthetics of the buildings and people themselves. the way in which I achieved this was by heightening the contrast on the buildings and adding texturing to these aspects too to enhance them and really make them the focus of this image, I heightened the shadows on the road as I wanted the focus to be slightly drawn away from the road itself leaving the main attraction of the image as people walking and the building aesthetics.

2. High street statue: ‘Consumable’

With this image, again, I didn’t feel the need to manipulate much. The focus of this for me was the restaurants and the statue. I decided to enhance the colours of the signs more to make them more prominent and noticeable, I also added temperature to the image making the buildings more of an eye-catching colour and added more texturing to it to emphasise the statue and building aesthetics in the background adding to the enigma aspect of the image.

3. Old Street aesthetics: ‘Street’

The enhancements that I made to this image were very minimal, I simply cropped out the man at the side of the image as it was unnecessary to keep him in and I enhanced the highlights and shadows to emphasise the structure of the building to make the history aspect of this image so much more prominent. These enhancements will hopefully present the proud history that Worcester holds and make it feel much more inviting with its vulnerability and old aesthetics.

4. Cathedral framing shot: ‘my choice’

The aim with this shot, as mentioned in my previous post, was to focus on the nature (inspired by research on Natassa Triantafillou) around the river and cathedral and texture of the bridge and water in the foreground. By heightening the texturing and adding saturation and contrast to the greens on the trees to the left of the river, this was achieved in a balanced and attractive way, producing this enhanced image.

5. Worcester bridge: ‘Landmark’

This was the most enhanced image as I didn’t want the dreary weather if the original image to take away the focus from the bridge, and one aspect of Worcester that stays prominent no matter where a photo is taken is the history that Worcesters landscape holds boldly. now with this manipulation I enhanced the image to present in such a way that an audience would portray as an old image and an image that presents its history and structure. I added grayscale to this image and enhanced the texture and highlights of the image to emphasise the lighting on the river but also bring Worcester bridge, the focus of the image, a bit more out of it’d depth and more a focus.

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