Choosing my 5 final images – Calendar images

Now that I had taken my test shots and final shots, I now had to establish which shots I want to use as my final images and then further establish whether u need to manipulate these images in anyway to reach my target demographic.

1. High Street road: ‘People’

Why I chose this image:

I chose this image as my final image to represent ‘people’ as I established, from the busy street of people, that this best represented not only the easy access around Worcester showing a road and walkways, but also the community of people that access them. Displaying to any viewer of this calendar or outsider of Worcester that Worcester is a place valued by its community and is also aesthetic to walk around shown by the long lengthed road and aesthetic buildings.

2. High Street Statue: ‘Consumable’

Why I chose this image:

I chose this image as a representation of ‘consumable’ as it presents the long high street from such an angle that shows the restaurants signs very clearly and the way that the high street bends round to the left leaving a sense of enigma around what else this high street has to offer.The restaurants are in the foreground along with the statue in the foreground, representing Worcester’s prod history, and the then our eyes are led to the background of the high street, hopefully this enigma constructed by the unknown would entice a person to want to visit Worcester to find out what else they can find.

3. Old street aesthetics: ‘Street’

Why I chose this image:

I chose this image to represent ‘street’ as it displays a street of Worcester that also presents the vulnerability of Worcester making it attractive. the old aesthetics of the buildings shown on this street show Worcester’s history leading to the idea that Worcester has a lot to offer from over many years of being around.

4. Cathedral framing shot: ‘my choice’

Why I chose this image:

This image was inspired through my research into landscape photographer Natassa Triantafillou who uses focuses on the nature aspect in her photos, showing the object of landmark to focus on in the background with nature and strong textures in the foreground of the image. I thought the best way to encapture the cathedral was to show it through a framing shot from Worcester bridge, trying to balance the focus on the textures of the bridge itself and the nature around the river and trees, with the final focus on the cathedral. I really loved how I balanced that focus in this image and will further enhance it to highlight the nature and texturing.

5. Worcester bridge: ‘Landmark’

Why I chose this image:

I chose this image to represent ‘Landmark’ as it displays the amazing aesthetics of Worcester bridge and the old style aesthetics, again, represent the history of Worcester. One problem I had with taking this image was that the weather was quite dreary and the falling days were rainy and even more dreary so I didn’t have the chance to take anymore images of Worcester bridge, however, to fix this dreariness, when it comes to manipulating this image, I am considering with experimenting with grayscale to add a style of an ageing photo. And with my target audience being more older people, this is much more appropriate.

The next step in the process of this project is to put these images into post-production Lightroom editing. That is what my next blog post is going to be about.

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