History of Editing and the moving image.

Where did video editing start? how has it evolved? this is what im going to explore in this post.

Where did the concept start?

  • Eadward Muybridge – took a series of still images, each slightly different (just like frames) and put them together to prove that horses take all four feet off the ground when galloping.
  • He took thousands of images of people and animals and published them into books and albums. Created a device called the zoopraxiscope that allowed a user to see the moving image illusion created by these still images conjoined together in sequence.

Further developments:

  • Late 1800s – film camera was invented, using film stock shown through a projector.
  • George Melies developed a method by which it was possible to film various different scenes and join them together to create a video/film – this is now what is known as ‘editing’
  • 1948 – TV and video.
  • video tape can be wiped and reused – film stock can’t do this.
  • Machines developed that could pause, play and record video and edit it without physically cutting the tape. this method was used for decades.
  • The Avid/1 – allowed for non-linear editing which is the editing style we are most familiar with today.

Sources used:


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