Calendar photos – adding typography to reach my final images.

Now that the editing of my images was done, it was time to add typography to my images, following the theme of calendar photos, I decided to use month names as the text I was adding, below I have shown the before and after of adding the typography to my images and explained what I did and why.

1. High Street: ‘People’

I wanted to use the words of months to make the image more enticing and to provide a gaze motion with such a style that doesn’t take away from the focus of the image itself. I decided to use the font ‘Bodni 72 small caps’ for this image as I found that the formality of the font correlates well with the traditional style of buildings and the street, allowing the typography to blend into the image and its environments. I also decided to lower the opacity of the text so that the image still has its entirety displayed, making the environment of Worcester emphasised and more enticing for the audience. I chose to stylise it by having the text layered behind and in front of the buildings, this was because I wanted the audience to be reminded that the buildings are a key factor of this image and a key factor of Worcester itself.

2. High Street Statue: ‘Consumable’

Following with the theme of calendar months, I decided to use the same font (‘Bodni 72 small caps’) for this one with the text ‘May’ super-imposed by the statue, I did this to keep the statue as the centre focus of this picture reminding the audience that the image is primarily displaying Worcester and allows the audience to appreciate and acknowledge the environments displayed of Worcester without the typography getting in the way. I also made sure that the text wasn’t blocking any if the restaurant signs as ‘consumables’ was the main focus of this image so it was significantly essential that I ensured that the signs were a focus in this image too. I, again, lowered the opacity of the text so that the rest of the image is still visible and didn’t take away from the effect that I used with raising the saturation and brightness of the colours on the restaurant signs. I also made sure that the text was the same height as the buildings on the left of the high street to ensure that the audience’s view isn’t taken up into the sky, ignoring the high street, as the high street and consumables should be the primary focus for the audience’s viewing.

3. Old Street Aesthetics: ‘Street’

For this image, I wanted to use contrast between the text and the image itself. The main thing this image is meant to represent is a street but mainly to display Worcester and all its historic aesthetics. I chose to use a more contemporary font following the curb edge to contrast with the old, traditional style aesthetic of the street and building within the image. I used a white coloured font again, but this time it was to blend in with the colours of the building, this was because although I wanted to use contrast between the text and image, I didn’t want to take away the focus from the image and m are the text more prominent, for that reason I used the colour white so the the text colour blended in with the image, however, the contemporary font reminds the audience that even though Worcester is an old traditional aesthetic place, it is still a contemporary friendly place.

4. Cathedral framing shot: ‘My choice’

This image was my favourite image out of the five and I really loved the general aesthetics of the scenery and foreground textures and so when it came to adding typography, I didn’t want to ruin that aesthetic. I chose to stick with the same font ‘Calibri’ for this and place it in front and behind buildings. I layered it behind the cathedral intentionally, to highlight and emphasise the cathedral even more, the white text behind the cathedral really made it stand out and more prominent which I think, alongside the fact that its placed in the centre of the frame, really emphasises the importance of the cathedral as part of Worcester but also as part of this image. I added a drop shadow to the text to make it more visible sitting on the sky, and layered it behind the bridge pillars, positioned either side of the image in the foreground, to ensure that the texturing of the foreground wasn’t ignored.

5. Worcester bridge: ‘landmark’

I chose to use the ‘Bodni 72 small capsfont again in this image as it fit the old photo style that I was trying encapture through editing. I decided to position the text along the bridge as if its standing on the bridge to add a sense of subtleness and formality that comes along with the sense of oldness in an ageing photo. I lowered the opacity slightly of the text to keep the image emphasised but also to add to the wear and tear style of the photo. I also added a very subtle water reflection of the text from the bridge to make the text blend in more with the environments of the image. I also added a slight drop shadow to make the text clear in what it says and bring out the text without taking away any importance of focus on the main image.

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