Projection mapping research – CNU’s Campaign case study.

Christopher Newport University’s (CNU) Campaign finals


Newport, VA, USA

List of gear used in this projection project:

Christie 4k30 boxers
Pandoras Box media servers
16 projectors

Produced by:

Christopher Newport University – Amie Graham Dale

Quince Imaging Team:
Project Lead- Eric Gazzillo

Multimedia Director- Katie Wilson

3D Modeling- Dave Glanz

Projectionists- Anthony Magdon, Evan Doss

Media Server Operator- Liam O’hanlon

Screen Construction- Chris Gagen, Legacy Scenic

Scaffolding- Buddy Hogan, Event Tech

Date: Sunday, September 16, 2017

CNU concluded their campaign including the Virginia Symphony Orchestra who performed a long piece of music which was then synchronised to a multimedia light show, which was produced by ‘Quince Imaging’. The campaign started in 2014 with a fundraising goal of $42 million, this exceeded expectations by leading to grossing a total of $66.2 million. This event was to celebrate the three years of the fundraising campaign.

Quince imaging was the main company that provided the means for the multimedia production including providing 3D image mapping, architectural projection, creative design services, imaging content, projection mapping services Quince imaging used ‘Christie 4k30 boxers’, Pandoras Box media servers, and 16 total projectors to produce the show, meaning that they ended up using 360k lumens of light for maximum brightness.

Below is a gallery of screenshots from the video, that I found on quince imaging’s website, showing the production:

(All images sourced from Youtube)

The final performance of this projection production was a 12 minute piece called “Defining Significance”.

I felt really inspired by this production as it gave me some really good ideas of effects that we can try to recreate such as using building parts to create the effect of the building building itself part by part in such an engaging way. I think this is something that we as a group should implement into our projection mapping project and apply it to our narrative as I think this will make it much more engaging and communicative.

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