One typefacenthat I like:

This font called ‘Avenir Next’, which I discovered using photoshop, uses a type face that instantly attracted my eye and is shown below:

Avenir Next:

I think the reason that I like this typeface used in this font is because of the ease it takes to read it. due to the shaping of the words, it makes the words more recognisable and therefore a lot easier to read compared to a typeface in block capitals or with unrecognisable and unfamiliar shaping. The spacing in between letters is well spaced and this further makes the individual letters stand out and easier to recognise the shaping of. the spacing in between words is much more than between letters, making it easy to establish where words end and begin. This spacing is key not only to establish the letters and words begin and end but to establish where the shapes, that we recognise as words, begin and end.

One typeface that I do not like:

This font that I also discovered the designing a logo and seeking a font to use, it is called ‘Andale Mono’ and I do not like the typeface used in this font, shown below:

Andale Mono:

The reasons I don’t like the style of this typeface is because of its very unfamiliar and feels like intakes quite a lot to read it. The shaping of the words being so square really threw my mind off because it was so unfamiliar to the words being presented. the shaping of the lowercase ‘i’ and the lowercase ‘L’ looks as if they have serifs on them, however no other letters have this which I found very off putting. I think that the difficulty in understanding this font as well as being confused by the style of the typeface really just emphasises how unsuccessful it is at communicating words efficiently.

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