Aaron Bell’s Semester 1 Portfolio – CMED 1002

Brief 1
  • Observation, Reflection and Exploration.

This brief consisted of curating 6 A5 still images, two representational, two Abstract and two symbolic. I had to devise these still images using the theme of ‘community’.

I started off by mind mapping different aspects of community that initially came to mind, such as Black Lives Matter, Family and mental Health. I decided to go ahead with just black lives matter and mental health as I wanted to create impacting still images. I created one of each representational, abstract and symbolic for both the topics of Black Lives Matter and mental health. These are what my final images display on my learning journal. This was a very useful task as it challenged me to enhance my photoshop editing skills and use editing techniques that I hadn’t particularly used before.

Brief 2
  • Developing Visual Messages in the style of Photomontage and Composite Images.

In this brief, I was tasked with creating and producing 6 A5 rough concept ideas with the theme of ‘Photomontage, Collage, Composite images’ that fit the theme of ‘Community’.

I decided to make a mixture of collages and composite images. I stimulated some ideas through mind mapping, and sourced images from typing phrases into Google images such as ‘Community’ , ‘Black Lives Matter’ , ‘Family’ and other ‘community’ related phrases. I achieved making these A5 concept ideas by using Photoshop. The main photoshop tools that I used were the crop tool, Opacity levels, Lasso tool (for cutting out images and the paint bucket tool for changing colours of imagery.

Brief 3

For this brief, I was instructed to work in my learning team which consisted of five of us in total. 

We had to decide on a name for our learning team and the name we chose was ‘The Innovators’. We chose this name based on our passions and things we’re inspired by. I decided to use letter from company logos based on companies that I find ‘innovative’ and personally inspirational. I did this by sourcing images from Google Images by searching for the company names such as ‘Tesla’, ‘Nike’ etc. This is the photomontage styled image displayed above this rationale.

Brief 4

For this brief, I had to pick two images of my choice, one abstract image and one composite image. I searched for both and chose the ones that I wanted to use. 

I used colour.adobe.com to look at the colour profiles for each. I then analysed these in my learning journal. It was very useful to be able to look and analyse these different colour profiles and establish almost personalities for these images based on the colour profiles I could find. I found that the abstract image was very vibrant and full of life whereas the composite image I chose was dull no matter what colour profile I would try. Observing and exploring this on Adobe’s webpage really helped me to fully understand the complexity of colour and it’s influence on imagery.

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