Aaron Bell’s Semester 2 Portfolio – CMED 1002

Brief 5

For this brief, I had to create an A4 Typographic information Graphic using Adobe Illustrator. 

I started off by researching and educating myself more on typography. I did this by reading the blog post ‘Let’s talk about Fonts’ by Wendy Corbett. This blog post was very helpful and provided me with a lot of information about typography and a lot of inspiration. I designed a rough mind map including ideas of aspects of typography that I could include in my infographic. I developed this further by creating some concept ideas. I took three of my concepts and made them into three rough thumbnails. I then decided to go with the theme of ‘the history of the serif font’ as this is something that I found interesting. I took this into Illustrator to make my finalised infographic (as displayed above) and exported it as a ‘.ai’ and a PDF file. 

Brief 6

This brief consisted of me devising 3 digital image ideas for a typography article for each of the terms ‘readability’, ‘legibility’ and ‘hierarchy’.

I initially started by defining these terms:

Readability – Refers to the way in which words and blocks of type are arranged on a page.

Legibility – Refers to how a typeface is designed and how well one individual character can be distinguished from another.

Hierarchy – A system for organising type that establishes an order of importance within the data, allowing the reader to easily find what they are looking for and navigate the content.

Next, I drew out some rough sketches of ideas that I had for this brief (displayed in my learning journal). I decided to visualise each of these words’ meanings as the graphics themselves. I created these using Adobe illustrator and exported them from illustrator. These graphics are presented in my learning journal.

Brief 7

For this brief, I was tasked with creating one still image and one animated gif as a 1800 x 1200 pixels banner. 

I decided to use Spotify as the brand for this brief. I started by researching into Spotify’s branding and logo. Once I had extensively explored and established the key themes and conventions presented by Spotify and shown this through mood boards, I knew the conventions that I needed to display in my work (block colours, duotones, triangular shapes etc). I explored into fonts, I found that Spotify use their own adapted font that I would have had to pay for and so chose to use Apple’s ‘Graphik’ font instead as this was the most similar. After making a couple rough mock-up designs, I chose to promote Justin Bieber’s album ‘Justice’ and use a red and blue duotone as the background colour. The banner and gif are displayed above.

Brief 8

This brief consisted on me creating a PDF presentation that displays the process I went through to produce my banner and gif for Brief 7. 

To do this, I started by devising my presentation by using the Keynote software for mac presentations. I started my presentation by showing the brief outlined for Brief 7. I then showed my mood boards and extensive research into Spotify’s themes and conventions. After this I displayed my in-depth font research and exploration, establishing the font I wanted to use for my final banner and gif. I then displayed the rough mock-ups that I curated using Photoshop. This then led me to displaying my final banner and explaining the reasoning behind the conventions and layout used. I then also presented my gif in screenshot form and an explanation behind that too.

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