Campaign project – Video and Photos

I was set the task of completing a video campaign of my choice and undergoing means of pre-production, production and post-production and recording the process. Stimulating concepts To stimulate ideas, I decided to brainstorm my initial ideas onto a mind map, I was inspired by topics of things that are personally close to my heartContinue reading “Campaign project – Video and Photos”

Mise en scene

French meaning: ‘placing on the stage.’ Mise en scene includes everything that you see within a frame, this may include: Costume/props – communicate a personality or role of a character. Acting – communicates the intended characteristics and traits to accompany the narrative. Lighting – high-key and low-key lighting can represent good and bad, happy andContinue reading “Mise en scene”

Calendar photos – adding typography to reach my final images.

Now that the editing of my images was done, it was time to add typography to my images, following the theme of calendar photos, I decided to use month names as the text I was adding, below I have shown the before and after of adding the typography to my images and explained what IContinue reading “Calendar photos – adding typography to reach my final images.”

History of Editing and the moving image.

Where did video editing start? how has it evolved? this is what im going to explore in this post. Where did the concept start? Eadward Muybridge – took a series of still images, each slightly different (just like frames) and put them together to prove that horses take all four feet off the ground whenContinue reading “History of Editing and the moving image.”

Calendar photos – Manipulating final images.

1. High Street: ‘People‘ With this image I didn’t feel like it needed much enhancement, however, I wanted to emphasise the focus of the image on the aesthetics of the buildings and people themselves. the way in which I achieved this was by heightening the contrast on the buildings and adding texturing to these aspectsContinue reading “Calendar photos – Manipulating final images.”

Choosing my 5 final images – Calendar images

Now that I had taken my test shots and final shots, I now had to establish which shots I want to use as my final images and then further establish whether u need to manipulate these images in anyway to reach my target demographic. 1. High Street road: ‘People’ Why I chose this image: IContinue reading “Choosing my 5 final images – Calendar images”

Researching into Photographer – Calendar photos.

Once my locations were established, it was time to consider how I wanted to take my images. To establish this, I thought the best way to do so was to research and look into how other photographers would encapture images of similar things. The one photographer who’s style of photography that really stood out toContinue reading “Researching into Photographer – Calendar photos.”

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