Readability, Legibility and Hierarchy – Brief 6

Understanding the terminology I was set the task of curating concept ideas of typographic that display these three words (Readability, Legibility and Hierarchy). The first step of initiating the process of creating these typographics was to make sure I understood what the terms mean when they are applied to the context of typography. Readability –Continue reading “Readability, Legibility and Hierarchy – Brief 6”

Typography – Brief 5

We were tasked with the brief to create a ‘Typographic Information Graphic‘ A4 size. Step one consisted of reading the blog by Wendy Corbett titled ‘Lets talk about fonts’ as linked below: and from reading through this blog I configured a mind map including the information that I learnt about typography. This mind mapContinue reading “Typography – Brief 5”

Brief 4 – The visual language of colour

Interpretation of Colours: We interpret colours in an expressive way due to the evolving history of colours that were socially representative of different things and we recognise these things to survive, for example: the colour red is usually associated with bad as it is a colour that links with a lot of poisons and angryContinue reading “Brief 4 – The visual language of colour”

Portfolio – Mini brief 2: photomontages, collages and composite images.

THEME: Community For mini brief two, I had to create 6 concept ideas using photomontages, collages or composite images, I based my six concepts off of composite images. Composite image: A visual image consisting of two or more images combined to make one image, usually to present and communicate a message and to express feelings.Continue reading “Portfolio – Mini brief 2: photomontages, collages and composite images.”

Portfolio – Visual messages and mini brief 1.

A visual image can be communicated in one of three ways, these include: Representationally (direct reporting of visual details of the environment, both natural and made) Abstractly (Basic visual elements – ‘Simplification can create a more intense and distilled visual meaning’ – Donelis)b and symbolically (e.g. Picasso’s Dove became a symbol for the peace movement)Continue reading “Portfolio – Visual messages and mini brief 1.”

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