Virtual Reality and 360 degree video project.

Brief history of VR 1835 Sir Charles Wheatstone describes “stereopsis” Sir Charles Wheatstone conducted research into binocular vision. This research displayed how the brain mixes two photographs, one per eye, of an object taken from different angles to add depth to the imagery and give a sense of realism. The process that your eyes goContinue reading “Virtual Reality and 360 degree video project.”

AR project

Research Case study 1: Pyrus – Burn Holograms. (Research sourced from Pyrus is a healthcare company that use AR, VR, MR another useful technology to develop and use tools that supplements the healthcare industry. In December 2017 they produced a product which focused on visualising burns. By this I mean that they developed aContinue reading “AR project”

Projection mapping research – CNU’s Campaign case study.

Christopher Newport University’s (CNU) Campaign finals Location: Newport, VA, USA List of gear used in this projection project: Christie 4k30 boxersPandoras Box media servers16 projectors Produced by: Christopher Newport University – Amie Graham Dale Quince Imaging Team:Project Lead- Eric Gazzillo Multimedia Director- Katie Wilson 3D Modeling- Dave Glanz Projectionists- Anthony Magdon, Evan Doss Media ServerContinue reading “Projection mapping research – CNU’s Campaign case study.”

Innovation and Experimentation

21st Sept notes: Defining INNOVATION: “Innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage.” (Government of New Zealand). ___________________________________________________ I searched for a good contemporary example of innovation. My favourite example is Elon Musk’s current project ‘Nueralink’. the Nueralink not onlyContinue reading “Innovation and Experimentation”

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